Designed to remove tastes, odors and dissolved organic chemicals from water supplies.

Perhaps its greatest use is for the reduction/removal of chlorine for which it has a great capacity. Various types of taste and odor media are available to address a wide range of contaminants.

Aero-Sorb Filtration System

An efficient and economical system for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies. This media acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen (DO) and the iron compounds. The physical characteristics of this media provide an excellent fi lter media which is easily cleaned by backwashing to remove the precipitant.

Acid Neutralizing Filtration System

These systems are recommended for pH adjustment for waters of pH 6.0 – 6.9. The system uses a self sacrifi cing media which has to be refi lled periodically. Typical signs of low pH are blue green stains. Fill port option available. Does not include insulated jacket.

Multi-Media Filtration System

A unique blend of different medias for solids removal. By utilizing sizing and specific gravity functions through medias of differing filtration capability, the result is better flow rates and longer media life.

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