Low Profile Automatic Brewer for Thermal Servers

All the features are built into a stainless steel cabinet for long stability and durability.

Standard Features: Water level detection system, Adjustable brew safety light, A gravity hot water faucet system, Low Profile brewer, Ready light indicates optimum brew temperature, Blinking brew light, Universal base for perfect dispenser alignment, Gravity fed Hot Water Faucet, Tank “ON/OFF” switch, Pulse Brewing Option, Auto Arm Capable

kbtc-brewerThe KB Series combines all the benefits of great tasting bottled water with a portable automatic coffee brewing station. Recognizing that a cup of ocoffee is 99% water, it only makes sense to have greater control of the overall recipe to ensure great tasting coffee. The KB models iincorporate features such as: a gravity fed hot water faucet, a ready light, accepts 2 – 6 gallon plastic bottles, and offers all the benefits of a automatic brewer without plumbing. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee made from great tasting bottled water with every brew.


Inline or Bottle Brewers – $12.50 per month

Coffee Filter packs

  • Columbian 1.5oz or 2.25oz – $36 (42ct)
  • Columbian Decaf 1.5oz- $39 (42ct)
  • Executive Blend- $27.50 (40ct)
  • Executive Blend- $32.50 (40ct)
  • Folgers- $36 (40ct)
  • 1lbs & 5lbs Whole Bean Coffees also available

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Creamer and Sugar

Original Coffee CreamerCoffee Creamer
Original Flavor &
Original Flavor Lite

Flavored Creamers (Liquid)Flavored Creamers
50 tubs per box

Flavored Creamer (Powdered)Flavored Creamer
15oz canister

Creamer Packets CaseCreamer Packets Case
900 count per case

Sweet N Low SweetnerSweet N Low Sweetner
100 packets per box

Sugar PacketsSugar Packets
2,000-count box

Equal SweetnerEqual Sweetner
100 packets per Box

Splenda SweetnerSplenda Sweetner
100 packets per box

Granulated Sugar CanisterGranulated Sugar
Canister 20oz



Hot Cups 8oz.
(Paper – Sleeve)
50-count sleeve

Hot Cups 8 oz.
(Paper – Case)
1,000-count Case

Hot Cups 8 oz.
(Foam – Case)
1,000-count Case

Hot Cups
10 oz. (Foam – Case)
1,000-count Case

Hot Cups 12 oz.
(Foam – Case)
1,000-count Case

Hot Cups 16 oz.
(Foam – Case)
1,000-count Case