Sure Soft® Extra Course Salt
Sure Soft Extra Softener SaltBy far, our most economical and efficient, water softening salt. Our Extra Coarse Salt minimizes residue and bridging in water softening units, so systems experience optimum performance and lower unit maintenance costs.

Our Solar Crystals are 99.8% pure, clean, Grade A salt. Insuring, that you will not get the dirt build-up in the bottom and on the sides of your Brine tank. Dirty salt is a big reason for unnecessary service calls

Available in 50-pound bags.

K-Life® Water Softener Crystals
K-Life® Water Softener CrystalsPotassium is the healthful alternative to salt. Potassium is important to your muscles, heart, blood, brain and also helps cells build critical proteins and repair tissue. That’s why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration established a recommended daily dietary intake of 2,700 mg to 3,500 mg per day of potassium. Unfortunately, we normally don’t take in enough potassium to meet our bodies’ daily requirement. By using K-Life to soften your water, and drinking two quarts per day, you can add an estimated 400 milligrams* of potassium to your diet every day. K-Life is a great way to give your family healthful potassium without having to buy a potassium supplement.

*Based on water hardness of 15 grains/gal.

Sure Soft® Pellets Plus
Sure Soft Plus Softener SaltThis premium, high-purity product dissolves easily, minimizes residues and reduces the frequency of softening equipment maintenance. Pellets Plus eliminates bridging, mushing and channeling and cleans resin beads in the water softener unit.

Available in 40-pound bags.