Twice named the best-tasting water in the world, there’s no other water like it.

Bottled continuously at the same highly quality, natural spring source for over 135 years, Mountain Valley is the best water you can provide to your family. Check out our water quality information, our sustainability initiatives, and discover where you can buy Mountain Valley!

Before rising to the surface in our springhouse, our water is filtered naturally through layer after layer of shale, sandstone, and limestone, acquiring healthy amounts of calcium and magnesium.

Mountain Valley Spring Water is sodium-free according to Food and Drug Administration standards. It is the unique geological properties of the surrounding mountains that give our water its unique taste. (Unlike some imported waters, there’s no mineral aftertaste with Mountain Valley Spring Water!)

24 plastic bottles/case
No deposit, Non-returnable

12 plastic bottles/case
No deposit, Non-returnable

MV Glass Spring Water5-gallon Glass Bottle
$15.00 deposit