Standing Bottle Water Cooler

Our top-of-the-line bottled water cooler with the industry’s most advanced cooling technology. Has a removable reservoir bottle cooler with a square body. Blue Ribbon Pelham Waters has Fort Dodge and Northwest Iowa taken care of when it comes to fresh water.

Product Features

  • Removable Reservoir Bottle Cooler
  • Polycarbonate Cabinet
  • 2 piece Hot Tank
  • Available in Standard White (STW)
  • WaterGuard™ optional


Rental Coolers are not on a "rent-to-own" basis. However, if an existing rental customer wants to purchase a new unit, three months rent will be applied towards the purchase. Keep in mind there are some advantages to renting, like exchanging coolers, no repair bills and you can exchange for the newest style.

5 Year Limited Warranty