Why Blue Ribbon Pelhams Drinking Water?

Pelhams water is processed using Reverse Osmosis (RO). The process starts from the Fort Dodge Municipal Water system at a total dissolved solid (TDS) of approximately 680 parts per million (ppm). Next the water passes through a charcoal filter which uses activated carbon to remove chlorine, taste, and odor. Carbon being extremely porous allows water to pass through while absorbing contaminants. After the carbon filtration the water is sent through a softening system to remove calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Once the softening cycle is complete the water moves on to our reverse osmosis system. The RO system removes up to 98% of all impurities, which include but are not limited to nitrates, pesticides, and lead. The final step before bottling is to add ozone to the water which prevents bacteria from forming. The final product produces a quality water of only 5-7 ppm.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water


20oz-bottles20 oz.
Plastic Bottles

24 bottles/case

half-liter1/2 liter
Drinking Water